Alison Pratt, LDA

Affordable, quality legal document assistance.
Lic. 2011002/2015003 

Alison Tackitt-Pratt, Owner

I provide quality, affordable legal documentation & administrative assistance to Pro-Per litigants (parties representing themselves) in family court cases, family law & probate attorneys, entrepreneurs, and general business entities. 

I am NOT an attorney. If you need representation in court or legal advice, I can provide attorney referrals. 

The process of divorce is never easy.  If there are children involved, custody and visitation issues sometime compound the turmoil.  For children, an effective, child-focused parenting plan is the greatest gift you can offer them during this time.  Further, negotiating asset and debt division is stressful too.   Private mediation helps parties come to their own agreement rather than leaving it up to a court-assigned employee or a judge.  In addition, avoiding costly and unnecessary litigation is always beneficial.