Alison Pratt, LDA

Affordable, quality legal document assistance.
Lic. 2011002/2015003 

Rates & Fees

  • Divorce or Mediation: $675 {Per Party } Includes all divorce paperwork, Marital Settlement Agreement, and Parenting Plan if applicable. 

Monthly Rates:

  • $1,000.00 per month would allow you to send in work requests via phone, fax or e-mail (i.e. letter writing, research & writing, sales proposals, sales support, etc.).  I would be available to your company 40 hours monthly, and accept work requests via e-mail or fax all days/hours of the week.          
  • $500.00 per month for basic administrative/personal asst. services - 15 hrs./monthly. (letters, answering e-mails and phone calls, web site mgmt.).

Hourly Rates & Other: 

  • Legal Research, Writing & LDA work for Family Law/Guardianship Atty.'s : $50.00 per hour. 

  • Document Preparation for Pro-Per Litigants: Dissolution,Custody & Support, Modification, Guardianships, Parenting Plans:  $35.00 per hour OR see specific requests and rates on the Checkout Page.

  • Web Site Creation:  Includes all uploading and design: $30.00 per hour -Site maintenance is $25.00 per hour.

  • Sales Staff Support:  $25.00 per hour

  • Basic Administrative Duties/Personal Assistant Services:  $20.00 per hour (answering e-mails, telephone contact, and basic letter writing - NO web site services).

  • Printing and Mailing Charge: $35.00 - Includes all printing and postage.

♦   If you prefer the printing and mailing to be done from my office, you will need to send me a copy of your company logo and your signature via e-mail or fax so that it may be "stamped" on all work product that doesn't require an original signature. ALL LEGAL FILINGS REQUIRE ORIGINAL SIGNATURES.      

♦   All court filings are performed by the client unless contracted otherwise. The client is responsible for any filing fees required by the court. 

♦ All work requests will be reviewed and you will be notified with a quote (if purchasing hourly) and time frame in which the work will be  completed.   After you receive a confirmation/quote, you can remit payment by paying by check or e-check, sending money to my mobile # 559-871-6476, or using the PayPal link on the Checkout Page.

  • Serving Legal Documents:
To have your legal documents personally served in the Fresno area, please email me. $75.00 includes 3 attempts and filing of the Proof of Personal Service with the court.  Outside of Fresno County, there will be a .35 cent per mile charge